On April 2, 2014 it was announced that Jiyeon would have a solo album, and revealed the first photo teaser, featuring her barefoot.


Earlier in the month of April, images of Jiyeon appearing in Burger King and Tom N Toms Coffee sparked interests and Queen’s wondered whether she’s just doing an advertisement / CF for them.

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It was not long before an announcement of a confirmed comeback for Jiyeon was made. Initially scheduled for an April 30th 2014 release, Jiyeon’s solo debut was delayed due to the sinking of the ferry Sewol.  On May 13th 2014, a new solo teaser of her title track 1 MINUTE 1 SECOND was released.


Later on the May 19th, the Official and Dance Version Music Videos were released.

It has been set that Jiyeon will officially be debuting on M! Countdown on the May 22nd 2014. Her solo promotion has been ongoing for a month before her fellow member, Park Hyomin debut with her solo album ‘Make Up’.

As this solo debut marks a significant moment in Jiyeon’s career, the attached photo galleries are for memories-relieving purposes.


20140404 – Jiyeon’s solo BTS by TV Report

10156124_724577787592859_463812266_n 10177448_724577767592861_240066901_n Jiyeon-Coming-of-Age-Ceremony


20140512 – Jiyeon’s Making Set by Dispatch

1) White Ver

201451225359f1j7net_T5_77925_59_20140512131803 2014417183326h9m7egg_T5_76350_59_20140512131803 2014417183335xz18egg_T5_76412 2014417183335yrd1egg_T5_76413 2014417183337i3klegg_T5_76417_59_20140512131803 2014512846463lcenet_T5_77941_59_20140512131803 20144171833352q8fegg_T5_76411_59_20140512131803 20144171833375pquegg_T5_76420 201441718332809ehegg_T5_76360_59_20140512131803 201451225407995net_T5_77933_59_20140512131803 -Bam-sat--mot-ngay-thuc-hien-MV-solo-cua-JiYeon--T-ara--Newsen-vn-4-1399865423

2) Black Ver

140513musicJY05-f711e 20140512-1142-tumblr_n5fxezzt7n1sci5pko1_500 20140512-1142-tumblr_n5fxezzt7n1sci5pko2_500 201451284646l629net_T5_77945_59_20140512131803 jiyeon15 jiyeon-t-ara-nha-hang-mv-ngap-nuoc-2

3) Surprise Visit by Hyomin

2014417183338ehp7egg_T5_76428_59_20140512131803 2014417183338mdy0egg_T5_76425_59_20140512131803 2014417183339opz1egg_T5_76436_59_20140512131803 2014417183339sqm5egg_T5_76433_59_20140512131803 2014417183339xu36egg_T5_76431_59_20140512131803 2014417183339yujeegg_T5_76435_59_20140512131803 20144171833370xjnegg_T5_76423_59_20140512131803 j17

4) Behind the Scenes

2014417183329qv86egg_T5_76370_59_20140512131803 2014417183330u7p0egg_T5_76374_59_20140512131803 2014417183330ursnegg_T5_76378_59_20140512131803 2014417183331f0phegg_T5_76380_59_20140512131803 2014417183332r3ygegg_T5_76387_59_20140512131803 2014417183333j5fpegg_T5_76398_59_20140512131803 2014417183333ty3begg_T5_76399_59_20140512131803 2014417183334jc0tegg_T5_76401_59_20140512131803 2014417183339opz1egg_T5_76436_59_20140512131803 20144171833258pc3egg_T5_76342_59_20140512131803 20144171833292ks2egg_T5_76369_59_20140512131803

20140519 – Jiyeon held a press conference at CCM

56981936 Ji-Yeon First Mini Album 'Never Ever' Press Conference Ji-Yeon First Mini Album 'Never Ever' Press Conference FQ2rTA4 ia94AC IMG_4605 jiyeon never ever press conference M5bKbbd tara_jiyeon_solo_hop_bao_TVdaily_4 t-aras-jiyeon-held-a-press-conference-for-never-ever-with-the-release-of-her-first-solo-mini-album (1) t-aras-jiyeon-held-a-press-conference-for-never-ever-with-the-release-of-her-first-solo-mini-album-may-19-2014-photos2



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